December, 2011

  • New American Enterprise Institute Study Shows Benefits of Foreign Workers to U.S. Workforce

    Posted by Fred Humphries
    Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs, Microsoft

    A new study released yesterday by the American Enterprise Institute confirms the powerful job-creation effects for American workers when well-educated foreign nationals are welcomed into our workforce. According to the study, each additional 100 foreign-born holders of advanced degrees from U.S. universities working in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields create an additional 262 jobs among U.S. workers.

    This conclusion lines up with prior research, and with our experience at Microsoft. Our workforce is made up overwhelmingly of U.S. workers, but foreign experts on work visas are a critical part of our innovation and job-creation dynamic. This means not only direct job creation, but dramatic downstream economic effects as well. According to a 2010 study by the University of Washington’s Economic Policy Research Center, every job at Microsoft supported 5.81 jobs elsewhere in the state’s economy.

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  • Bringing Employers Together to Discuss Immigration Reform

    Posted by Karen Jones
    Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, HR Legal, Microsoft

    Our country’s economic strength relies in significant part on the contributions of the best and the brightest talent from around the world. At Microsoft, we see this every day through the great work of our foreign national employees, who contribute to our growth and success by driving technological innovation and development in all of our product and service offerings. As we’ve said before, in a world where, increasingly, jobs follow talent, high-skilled immigration can create more American jobs, and our immigration laws must be reformed to allow American companies to attract and retain the global talent we need to help rebuild our economy.

    While we wait for Congress to address some of the key structural issues with our immigration system—such as ongoing green card backlogs—there are administrative reforms and procedural approaches that can substantially improve the experience of foreign nationals making high-value contributions to our economy.

    Yesterday, Microsoft hosted an employer roundtable discussion with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas to address these types of improvements.

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  • New White Paper Details Privacy Safeguards of Office 365

    Posted by Brendon Lynch
    Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

    Privacy is a top priority for many users of cloud computing, so Microsoft today is releasing a white paper that details many of the specific data protection policies, procedures and tools that have been integrated into Office 365, our newest cloud productivity service.

    I recently returned from a two-week trip to discuss a range of privacy topics with customers and regulators in Australia and New Zealand. In virtually every conversation, I was asked about Microsoft’s approach to data protection in our cloud services. Microsoft representatives around the world report hearing similar questions regularly in each of their regions.

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  • Wanted: Technology Breakthroughs to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

    Posted by Samantha Doerr
    Public Affairs Manager, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

    There are few online crimes more heartbreaking than technology-facilitated crimes against children, which is why Microsoft is working with experts to advance innovation to combat them, including a research effort on child sex trafficking being introduced today by danah boyd and Rane Johnson of Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. Through Microsoft’s previous work, we have found that research and creative collaborative efforts can have a meaningful impact on crime, and we believe the same can be true in the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

    Microsoft Research has released today an outline of fifteen different aspects of the child sex trafficking process fueled by U.S. demand where technology might play a role. We welcome readers to review this framework and provide feedback as we drive for scientifically sound research to understand and disrupt the problem.

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  • Microsoft Shares Perspective on Climate Change Policy

    Posted by Rob Bernard
    Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

    As I recently blogged, Microsoft has a delegation participating in the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, otherwise known as COP17. With those negotiations ongoing, we thought it was a good time to pull together the perspectives we’ve shared over the past several years on climate change policy.

    Three years ago, we adopted a broad policy statement on climate change, which reflects clear support for government policy to address climate change. We sometimes get questions about the positions various business groups we belong to have taken on climate change, and we’ve publicly clarified how a few of those groups’ positions differ from our own, here and here. As referenced in this blog post, I have met multiple times with top Climate Officials to talk about ways the Information, Communications and Technology sector (ICT) can drive significant reductions in society-wide annual carbon emissions.

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  • Microsoft Joins European Commission’s CEO Coalition on Child Online Safety

    Posted by Peter Cullen
    General Manager, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft

    Today, European Union Commissioner Neelie Kroes announced the formation of the ‘CEO Coalition on Child Online Safety.’ Microsoft is pleased to be a founding member of this coalition, which is a collective effort of government and industry to discuss best practices that “make the Internet a better place for children.”

    I will serve as Microsoft’s representative on the CEO Coalition, and Microsoft remains committed to advancing ways to make online services and the Internet safer for children. We also believe such joint efforts, involving all major industry players in the digital ecosystem – including hardware manufacturers, technology companies, content creators, telecommunications and online service providers – are necessary to achieve real progress in the area of online safety.

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