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    Can public schools embrace consumerization and maintain academic equity? It is slippery slope, so bring your sports cam for this one. Related Stores: “Bring Your Own Data”—the next debate Top Five Über Themes for 2012
  • Blog Post: Low Cost Devices in Education and Government

    At some point in the ancient times people started writing on clay tablets because it was important to capture accurate information beyond drawing on cave walls. They were important for the rulers of that time to keep track of taxes, population and food reserves, and for scholars to capture and leave...
  • Blog Post: The Next OS codenamed: Windows 8 debuts

    Microsoft debuts first look at the next Windows OS, codenamed: Windows 8 at the D9 conference. A new multi-touch Natural User Experience with Live Tiles is coming in Windows8. Related posts: Journey to the next release of Windows more
  • Blog Post: Introducing Microsoft Surface…

    No longer just TV fantasy…Now you can finally have your own Microsoft logo’d device…and it’s a beauty. Microsoft Surface debuted in Los Angeles, California today at a super secret press conference.  And I do mean super secret.  It was fun reading the predictions of what some thought...
  • Blog Post: Why Windows 8 Matters to School Finance

    Over the next three years, education technology will see a tectonic shift in capabilities and effectiveness. While change is evitable, education leaders should seek strategies that continue to optimize return on existing investments versus cannibalizing their seeds before they harvest. Read why Windows...
  • Blog Post: Are Schools Allowing Kids to Be Tracked Online?

    In the race to put consumer media tablets in the hands of teachers and children, are we sacrificing student and teacher privacy for classroom engagement. Related Stores: BYOD versus Academic Equity Don’t Forget to eCycle