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  • Blog Post: MYSCIENCE. The Consumerization of Science

    Standford University Computer Science students ignite the consumerization of science with Microsoft Research's Project Hawaii initiative. Related posts: Project Hawaii: Students Build the Future of Mobile + Cloud Computing Incorporating Windows Phone more
  • Blog Post: Stanford University Leads The Way With Modern Apps

    No surprise! Stanford University, an innovation pacesetter in Higher Education, is first to launch a modern app for Windows 8. Related Stores: Computer Science Students, Get Ready for the Windows Store Windows 8 Release Preview in Pictures Developer Jobs for America with Windows 8
  • Blog Post: MYSCIENCE. The Consumerization of Science [updated]

    This week at Microsoft Research’s 12th annual Faculty Summit, Project Hawaii student creations from over 20 universities will be on showcase.   Project Hawaii is an experimental program that provides students with tools, services, and equipment to create their own, cloud-enabled applications using Windows...
  • Blog Post: The Next Big Thing in Learning!

    What is the story behind the statement that there is no “next big thing”?  EdTech Magazine recently quoted Cameron Evans saying, “The reality is that there is no “next big thing”…The next big shift will be all of these things taken together.” First, you will...