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  • Blog Post: Don’t Forget to eCycle

    With the excitement and anticipation of Windows 8 building and the new era of digital device experiences on the horizon ; it is time to do a little housekeeping. According to a 2008 report from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household...
  • Blog Post: Banish Attachments Forever!

    Please see attached… Ok, put your hands up. Who still sends files as attachments in their email? Come on, be honest! I’m guilty of it myself – just ask my boss, after I dropped a 7MB “email bomb” on him recently. Despite having both SharePoint Online more
  • Blog Post: Excel Forms Coming in the new Office Web Apps

    Office Web Apps helped me through graduate school. The new Office Web Apps will helps students even more. If you have a Windows Live ID (soon to be called “Microsoft Account”) you have Office Web Apps.  Office Web Apps are a part of SkyDrive.   Office Web Apps include Word, Excel, OneNote...
  • Blog Post: Interesting Links 23 January 2012

    Last week really reminded me of how much I miss being in the classroom. Two all-day workshops with a mix of students and adults. Lots of good learning going on. It was wonderful to see people “getting it” and learning some new things. I need to get in front of more students more often. A lot of links...
  • Blog Post: SkyDrive and Office Web Apps

    For schools, colleges and universities looking for a powerful tool for their students to help them better collaborate on group projects, SkyDrive and Office Web Apps is the ideal solution. Those looking for a web based solution often think about Google more
  • Blog Post: History Reimagined

    Man on the moon That was, like, 42 years ago, right?   Just imagine how many calculations – complex calculations – had to be performed to ensure every last detail was correct? The scary thing is there is probably more power in your mobile phone these more
  • Blog Post: What are Office Web Apps and can I use my iPad with Office 365 Web Apps?

    Office Web Apps are a part of two Microsoft cloud service offerings: Microsoft SkyDrive (standalone at and a part of Live@edu) and Microsoft SharePoint Online. With Office Web Apps, you have the ability to view and edit the following more