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  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #7–Following Content in SharePoint Online

    Having looked at the new social networking features of SharePoint Online back in the 2nd edition of our top user tips it’s time to look at following sites that interest you, too. If you find a SharePoint Online site in your institution that you want to...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #4–Drag ‘n’ Drop in SkyDrive Pro

    So far in our top user tips posts we’ve looked at scheduling online meetings with Lync Web Scheduler , social networking in SharePoint Online , and offline access with the Outlook Web App . Today we’ll focus on the awesome new feature of SharePoint Online...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #8–Excel Surveys

    We’re into the final three top user tips in our series , and today it’s all about a topic we covered back in August last year : Excel Surveys! Available in both Office 365 Education, and the consumer SkyDrive service, Excel Surveys have a huge potential...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #2–SharePoint Online Social Networking

    In part 1 of our bite-size top user tips we looked at Offline Access . Today, in part 2, we look at SharePoint Online’s social networking features; in particular the ability to tag words and mention people. In SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 Education...( read more )
  • Blog Post: SkyDrive Pro client for Windows now available

    This week the SharePoint team had something pretty cool to announce! The SkyDrive Pro client is something that a lot of education customers as me about, so I’m really excited that it’s available now. Here’s what the team had to say: We are pleased to...( read more )
  • Blog Post: SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS

    Sneaking in at the tail end of last week Senior Product Manager for SharePoint, Mark Kashman ( @mkashman ) announced over on the Office 365 technology blog that SkyDrive Pro apps are now available for Windows 8 and Apple iOS for SharePoint Online users...( read more )
  • Blog Post: SkyDrive Pro storage increases making it even better for storing and sharing class work

    For me, Office 365 Education just keeps getting better and better. SkyDrive Pro, part of Office 365 Education Plan A2 1 , is cloud storage for education, and is the place where students and teachers can store, sync, and share their files across multiple...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #9–Multiple Co-Authoring in Office Web Apps

    In the eighth instalment of our top user tips we looked at Excel Surveys using the Excel Web App , and today we’re going to look at the co-authoring features that can help you analyse that data, brainstorm ideas, and work collaboratively with your classmates...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Administrator Access to SkyDrive Pro

    SkyDrive Pro is an excellent web-based, enterprise ready, personal storage and collaboration tool for faculty, staff, and students. Unlike the consumer version of SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro provides institutions with rich features to remain compliant. Technically, each SkyDrive Pro site created is its own...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #10–Blogging in SharePoint Online

    It’s time for our final post in the top user tips series, and today it’s all about blogging in SharePoint Online. You might also want to check out top tip #2 about social networking , and top tip #7 about following content in SharePoint Online as well...( read more )