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  • Blog Post: Top 5 tips for a successful back to school on a budget

    It's school time again! A time of mixed emotion – exciting to be back in the thick of things but maybe a little sad that summer is over. Your first day of school might be full of all or many new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Empowering Educators with Windows Devices that Inspire Students

    A new school year brings excitement, a little apprehension, and maybe even relief that summer's hot weather is coming to an end. For educators, the start of the new school year is the perfect time to set the tone for a productive year ahead. For many teachers, this means finding the most engaging...
  • Blog Post: School Supply List 2014-2015 – Student Advantage

    Hello fellow Moms and Dads! It’s almost time for our kids to go back to school. So, I want to share some must-have additions for your School Supply List 2014-2015. Microsoft is enabling students success in the 2014-15 school year with Student Advantage . Student Advantage is Office 365 for Students...
  • Blog Post: Guest blog post by David Lopez, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer: Office Mix - Sip Your Lemonade and Learn Something New

    I know it is summer time and we're relaxing but many teachers out there are already getting geared up for the fall. If you're a new teacher, you have probably already called your principal to see when the first minute is you can get into your classroom. If you're a veteran teacher, you already...
  • Blog Post: Managing the Digital Classroom: Microsoft Partners Take a Giant Leap Forward

    By Margo Day, Vice President, U.S. Education Technology has been making inroads in classrooms around the world for years now, but there have remained significant – and stubborn -- barriers to success, especially around access, security and affordability. The good news is that, as manufacturers...
  • Blog Post: Chester County School District Sees Limitless Value in 21st Century Technology

    Q&A with Margo Day, vice president of U.S. education, Microsoft and Dr. Agnes Slayman, Superintendent of Chester County School District, South Carolina Our partnership with the White House's ConnectED initiative is based on our interest in bringing lower cost technology into the classroom...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft announces Office for iPad

    Microsoft is devoted to providing the tools which enable people from all walks of life to work anywhere and on any device. The ever increasing portfolio of Windows based devices available lay testament to that and with over a billion users of Microsoft...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Office 365 Education in the Classroom eBook (now available)

    This new eBook, Office 365 Education in the Classroom, concentrates almost exclusively on how Office 365 Education can help the teacher and the student in their day to day work. We look at a whole list of teaching and learning scenarios, describing some...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Office 365 Education Exchange Online mailbox quotas are doubling to 50GB FREE

    It’s turning out to be a bumper week for Office 365 Education updates. Earlier this week it was announced that SkyDrive Pro was increasing the default storage quota from 7 GB to 25 GB and starting from now Office 365 Education Exchange Online mailbox...( read more )
  • Blog Post: SkyDrive Pro storage increases making it even better for storing and sharing class work

    For me, Office 365 Education just keeps getting better and better. SkyDrive Pro, part of Office 365 Education Plan A2 1 , is cloud storage for education, and is the place where students and teachers can store, sync, and share their files across multiple...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Tips for Office 365 Education

    Earlier this year I wrote 10 blog posts, each covering one of my top tips for Office 365 Education. As schools, colleges and universities across the country reconvene for the start of a new term, I thought it would be helpful to summarise my top 10 tips...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Sharing Free/Busy across the cloud

    Are you free? More and more institutions are beginning to realise the importance of connected, collaborative working, and the value of enterprise email and deciding whether 1, or many tenancies is the right option can be tough. Sometimes, for very good more
  • Blog Post: Live@edu Tops 22M Users, Grows 100 Percent Year Over Year

    (Sharing my blog post today from the Official Microsoft Blog ) Today, I’m pleased to announce that more than 22 million people now use Live@edu, representing a 100 percent year-over-year increase. That’s more than 27,000 new people signing up every day, making Live@edu the most widely...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #3–Lync Online Web Scheduler

    Last week, in part 2 of our top user tips we looked at the social networking features of SharePoint Online. Today, in part 3 we’re going to look at how to schedule meetings using the Lync Online Web Scheduler. Lync Web Scheduler is a web-based program...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Your Modern Office Is Ready

    Microsoft Office 2013 reached a key development milestone and has been signed off for Release to Manufacturing (RTM). No related posts.
  • Blog Post: Skype Joins Microsoft!

    It's official. Microsoft closes its acquisition of Skype. Related posts: XBOX LIVE Goes Visual In A Whole New Way Polycom Takes The Reigns for Microsoft Office RoundTable Facebook on XBOX Live Coming Soon more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Acquires Perceptive Pixel

    Imagine all of the students in your classroom being able to interact with digital curriculum content at the same time. Microsoft Corp. and Perceptive Pixel Inc. (PPI) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire PPI, a recognized leader in research...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #10–Blogging in SharePoint Online

    It’s time for our final post in the top user tips series, and today it’s all about blogging in SharePoint Online. You might also want to check out top tip #2 about social networking , and top tip #7 about following content in SharePoint Online as well...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Calendar Publishing in Live@edu

    So, you want to publish your calendar? In my last post I talked about how you could set up sharing free/busy information between two Live@edu environments but what about sharing your whole calendar with someone? When you click share in the calendar screen more
  • Blog Post: Get a Room! Enable Room Finder with Room List Distribution Groups

    If your Exchange Online (Office 365) or Outlook Live (Live@edu) users are already using Room Mailboxes to schedule meetings in conference rooms, auditoriums, labs or other facilities, then why not enable Room Finder for your Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 more
  • Blog Post: Dynamic Distribution Groups

    Mass Mail Dynamic distribution groups (DDGs) are a great way to manage groups in Live@edu, especially ones where the recipient list might change frequently or unpredictably. For example, you might want an “All Pupils” distribution group that sends a mail more
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #7–Following Content in SharePoint Online

    Having looked at the new social networking features of SharePoint Online back in the 2nd edition of our top user tips it’s time to look at following sites that interest you, too. If you find a SharePoint Online site in your institution that you want to...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #2–SharePoint Online Social Networking

    In part 1 of our bite-size top user tips we looked at Offline Access . Today, in part 2, we look at SharePoint Online’s social networking features; in particular the ability to tag words and mention people. In SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 Education...( read more )
  • Blog Post: The Service Upgrade

    Over the course of the year until the end of September 2013, we are going to be rolling out the new Office 365 Education service to existing customers who are on the “ pre-upgrade Office 365 ”.  The service upgrade for Office 365 will deliver exciting...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Excel Forms Coming in the new Office Web Apps

    Office Web Apps helped me through graduate school. The new Office Web Apps will helps students even more. If you have a Windows Live ID (soon to be called “Microsoft Account”) you have Office Web Apps.  Office Web Apps are a part of SkyDrive.   Office Web Apps include Word, Excel, OneNote...