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  • Blog Post: Dynamic Distribution Groups

    Mass Mail Dynamic distribution groups (DDGs) are a great way to manage groups in Live@edu, especially ones where the recipient list might change frequently or unpredictably. For example, you might want an “All Pupils” distribution group that sends a mail more
  • Blog Post: Southern Illinois University: Empowering Students with Windows 8 Tablets and Office 365

    By David Crain, CIO, Southern Illinois University When I joined Southern Illinois University in April of 2012, our chancellor’s stated goal was to become a leader in providing higher education technology that would make a difference to our students. As the university’s first CIO, I took...
  • Blog Post: How do YOU pronounce FOPE? An Introduction

    Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) is the default messaging security solution for Exchange Online (Office 365) and Outlook Live (Live@edu)! The transition to FOPE for existing Outlook Live domains is nearly complete, and all new tenants are more
  • Blog Post: How do YOU pronounce FOPE? Sign in for the first time

    If you are an Exchange Online or Outlook Live tenant administrator, then you can access the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Administration Center via a hyperlink in the Exchange Control Panel. And with a few additional steps, you can login more
  • Blog Post: Updated Message and Recipient Limits - Live@EDU

    Outlook Live accounts have historically been 500 recipients per day. Microsoft has recently updated this policy to be in line with the Exchange Online offering in Office 365. All newly provisioned tenants will see these new limits immediately. For those more
  • Blog Post: Using more than 1 Windows Live ID at a time…

    Hotmail users, rejoice! A comment that I get quite often is that it’s “not possible to user more than one Live ID at a time”; that is to say that you can’t be logged into Live@edu at the same time as being logged into Windows Live Hotmail. That’s half more
  • Blog Post: FREE Activation Webcast

    Back to school Some of you will already be back to school – others will be dreading looking forward to the start of term next week. Whatever your situation you can’t escape the immutable fact that the start of term is a very busy time of year! The school more
  • Blog Post: Get a Room! Enable Room Finder with Room List Distribution Groups

    If your Exchange Online (Office 365) or Outlook Live (Live@edu) users are already using Room Mailboxes to schedule meetings in conference rooms, auditoriums, labs or other facilities, then why not enable Room Finder for your Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 more
  • Blog Post: Sharing Free/Busy across the cloud

    Are you free? More and more institutions are beginning to realise the importance of connected, collaborative working, and the value of enterprise email and deciding whether 1, or many tenancies is the right option can be tough. Sometimes, for very good more
  • Blog Post: Guest Blog by Kim West, Master Educator; How do we effectively use technology to teach to the Common Core State Standards?

    " Students who are college and career ready employ technology thoughtfully to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use. They tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell–THE best way to manage Live@edu

    All the leaves are brown… Ok, so maybe they’re still a little green. Either way the busy summer holidays are now over and the long march to Christmas begins. Naturally this means that network managers have nothing to do for 3 months, right? For those more
  • Blog Post: Dynamic Distribution Groups–Part 1

    Hear, ye! Hear, ye! From secondary schools to universities there are lots of reasons why you’d want to send email to lots of users at once. Maybe it’s the meeting request for the weekly staff briefing, or a project deadline to your tutor group. Dynamic more
  • Blog Post: Unlocking Live@edu accounts and other password reset options

    If you have the opportunity to take a vacation to some exotic location this holiday season…Congratulations! You deserve it. But keep in mind that your Live@edu users may be planning to do the same. Whether it’s a trip to the mountains, the beach, somewhere more
  • Blog Post: Using Live@edu with a Windows Phone

    Windows Phone rocks! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could sign into your Windows Phone using your Live@edu Windows Live ID? If you've already got a phone, or you’re lucky enough to be getting one over the Christmas period, there are some simple steps you more
  • Blog Post: Read twice, send once… Delaying outgoing mail with rules.

    Measure twice, cut once… “Keep it as long as you can, as long as you can”, the 6 Ps* – whichever adage you use to prevent making a mistake there’ll always be that time when you let one little thing slip. Maybe it’s accidentally hitting send on a email more
  • Blog Post: Office 365 Education: Putting Teachers in Control, Today

    When we first launched Office 365 for education back in June, we did so with an eye to helping transform education. Teachers were asking for a holistic collaboration platform that would allow them – and their students – to easily and safely access the knowledge and tools required for 21st...
  • Blog Post: Service Update: Sender Photo Enabled by Default

    Here’s a preview of the new Sender Photo feature that is enabled by default for all Outlook Live and Exchange Online users after the December 2011 Service Update . We’ve included some guidance on how to configure Sender Photo and how to disable it (in more
  • Blog Post: Resource mailboxes are the best way to handle room bookings!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of that pile of paper, that book or binder, that holds all the bookings for a particular room or piece of equipment? Well, with Live@edu you can because resource mailboxes are the best way to handle room bookings more
  • Blog Post: Dynamic Distribution Groups–Part 2

    Now you see me… Now you don’t! In part one of this blog-couplet I talked about how you can very simply create a dynamic distribution group using a little bit of PowerShell. We also looked at how you can test to make sure that the right people will get more
  • Blog Post: Calendar Publishing in Live@edu

    So, you want to publish your calendar? In my last post I talked about how you could set up sharing free/busy information between two Live@edu environments but what about sharing your whole calendar with someone? When you click share in the calendar screen more