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  • Blog Post: Learning from Educators to Help Create Dynamic Classroom Experiences

    Technology empowers educators and inspires students to achieve more. It opens the door to a classroom and world full of possibilities and learning infused with curiosity. Innovative educators are seeking resources that can spark this curiosity and imagination, drive discovery and creation, and foster...
  • Blog Post: Time to Get Inspired At TCEA 2014

    It’s been a few years since I’ve attended TCEA. I’m looking forward to all of the conversations and shared learning from my education colleagues and industry partners. Since ISTE 2013, Microsoft has made a significant increase in its commitment to ISTE and ISTE affiliates for 2013-2014...
  • Blog Post: Where is the computer science at ISTE?

    My prime focus at Microsoft is K-12 computer science education. While I am very interested in various areas of using technology in education I basically get paid to promote Microsoft programs and products in computer science. It’s become harder and harder for me to justify attending the annual ISTE conference...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8.1 for Educators Coming October 18, 2013

    At ISTE 2013, Microsoft provided educators with a Surface RT devices featuring Windows RT. Now it's time to get ready for the free update to Windows RT 8.1! Related Stores: Introducing Microsoft Surface… Windows 8.1 and Mindstorms EV3 for STEM Education
  • Blog Post: More Than Just The Box

    Today has been a busy day at ISTE 2011 for me. I did some time at the booth and then went to a couple of sessions. Pat Yongpradit talked about what he is doing with XNA in his school. He’s seeing some great involvement from and retention of young women more
  • Blog Post: We The People Want More Broadband Investments for Our Nation’s Classrooms

    An interesting petition for funding an increase in school broadband hit my inbox this afternoon. How does this petition move the needle on college and career readiness? No related posts.