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  • Blog Post: Qualcomm (Insights…CES 2013 Part 3 of 5)

    Are you born mobile? That is the question Qualcomm Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs asks. An intriguing question from the leader in true mobile technologies. If you own a phone (smart or not), you likely own a device powered by Qualcomm technologies. The brand name may not be recognized by your students...
  • Blog Post: NVIDIA (Insights…CES 2013 Part 4 of 5)

    NVIDIA unveils Batman's secret identity at CES 2013 along with next generation mobile sans the bat. Related Stores: Insights from International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Part 1 of 5 Qualcomm (Insights…CES 2013 Part 3 of 5) Intel Corp. (Insights…CES 2013 Part 2 of 5)
  • Blog Post: BYOD versus Academic Equity

    Can public schools embrace consumerization and maintain academic equity? It is slippery slope, so bring your sports cam for this one. Related Stores: “Bring Your Own Data”—the next debate Top Five Über Themes for 2012
  • Blog Post: Mobile is About You (Insights…CES 2013 Wrap-Up)

    It’s not the device that’s mobile, it’s you. The Post-PC fallacy As you and I become increasingly more mobile in our living, working, and learning, our computing simply must become more personal as it adapts to our transient nature. If you have read this far, I hope that you realize...
  • Blog Post: Insights from International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Part 1 of 5

    The big announcements from CES are often the ones that get the least amount of news coverage. Here's what I found noteworthy for 2013. Related Stores: Why Windows is Expanding My Thinking on BYOD Introducing Microsoft Surface…
  • Blog Post: Intel Corp. (Insights…CES 2013 Part 2 of 5)

    Intel goes thin, light, all-day, and powerful for CES 2013. Uber Ultrabooks Intel Corporation announced that all future Ultrabooks, based on their 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors will have the following requirements: Mandatory requirement for touchscreens Intel’s Wireless Display (WiDi)...