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  • Blog Post: Interesting Links 27 August 2012

    Back to school hit home today as my wife went back to school for the first day of teachers. Kids come back the day after Labor Day so it is professional development and getting ready this week. We try and get all the summer we can up here in New England. I know that a lot of places have been back for...
  • Blog Post: To Buy, or Not To Buy- That is the Question

    So school has started and you already have to make big decisions like: money for books or food for the entire year?! The cost of books has definitely spiked over the past 8 years, but thanks to technology- specifically online retailers, auctions sites and classifieds- the cost of any one book can...
  • Blog Post: Challenge: Technical Books Discounts for Technical Moms

    Challenge: Technical Books Discounts for Technical Moms My challenge to you :  What discounts can you offer for technical moms on Mother’s Day to tell the Women in Tech Story? On Thursday I had a fantastic interaction on Twitter with Tim O’Reilly , co-author of the upcoming Twitter Book , founder...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic 1.0 is here!

    Have you been working with Small Basic? If so you probably know that it has officially been pre-release software. Well not it is released software and you can now download Small Basic 1.0 .. With the addition of Icelandic (Yes Icelandic) it is now available more
  • Blog Post: Computational Fairy Tales the Book

    Just about a year ago I wrote a post about a Computational Fairy Tale blog ( Computational Tales ) Briefly Dr. Jeremy Kubica, software engineer and manager at Google, has been putting together a set of examples of CS concepts written as fairy tales . Well today I received an email telling me that the...
  • Blog Post: Interesting Links 20 August 2012

    Back from vacation and trying to catch up with things. I had over 450 unread email messages in spite of doing some triage over the vacation so if I haven’t gotten back to you yet I will soon. I did collect a few links to share for you during the course of the week though. See how hacking the Kinect has...
  • Blog Post: What does it mean?

    Last week I had the chance to hear Douglas Rushkoff talk at the annual CSTA CS&IT Symposium. All of the conference attendees were also given a copy of his book  Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age – I got mine autographed more