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  • Empowering Educators: 1:1 Learning with Windows 8

    As students go back to school at Miami-Dade County Public School District and Leon County Schools in Tallahassee, Florida, they will have the opportunity to learn with modern curriculum on powerful Windows 8 devices. These school districts are transitioning to 1:1 device learning programs that empower educators, inspire students, and will transform the entire school experience for their students. As Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools explains it, "This district, in partnership with Microsoft, is leading with human capital development." See videos featuring teachers and students who share their experiences.

  • Webinar: Back to school with OneNote

    Going to college this fall? Start off on the right foot with OneNote—the app for digital note taking, which works on any device. In this webinar, we’ll teach students how to get up and running on OneNote. Plus, we’ll show existing OneNote users some little...
  • Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom: Anytime, Anywhere Learning Empowered by Windows 8 Devices

    For today’s students, learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also at home, outside, in libraries, and any place with an Internet connection. Effective learning technology needs to be as smart, flexible and hardworking as today’s students and teachers. For one UK school, anywhere, anytime learning plays a critical role in transforming their approach to 21st century learning, resulting in more engaged students and better student outcomes.  Watch how Broadclyst Primary School and Twickenham Academy are using Windows 8 to empower students to learn anytime, anywhere.

  • Making Classroom Magic with Mystery Skype

    Hear how Mystery Skype, an educational activity played by two classroom on Skype, is creating magic in a classroom in a small school district in Mondamin, Iowa. With the power of Mystery Skype, 5th grade students in this rural community developed new pride in their community.  Developed by teachers, Mystery Skype addresses many areas of Common Core standards as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.

  • Empowered Educators Inspire Students to be Life-long Learners

    Students of all grade levels are not shy in expressing their enthusiasm for learning with Windows devices and apps empowered with Windows 8. Hear from innovative teachers who share insights on the best ways to connect and inspire students to become life-long learners.

  • Teachers Save Time Organizing Lessons and Grading Assignments with OneNote, the Free App for Digital Notebooks

    As many of you begin a new academic year, be sure to check out the fantastic free app from Microsoft called OneNote that supports classroom collaboration, planning, and organization. Every teacher endeavors to save time in a very hectic job. The OneNote app is part of Office, Office Online, and recently released, OneNote for Mac just may be the ticket you have been looking for to save time.

  • Top 5 tips for a successful back to school on a budget

    It's school time again! A time of mixed emotion – exciting to be back in the thick of things but maybe a little sad that summer is over. Your first day of school might be full of all or many new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a...
  • Empowering Educators with Windows Devices that Inspire Students

    For educators, the start of the new school year is the perfect time to set the tone for a productive year ahead. For many teachers, this means finding the most engaging and empowering technology and apps to inspire students to learn.

    Teachers are increasingly turning to Microsoft to ensure their classrooms' digital transitions – and ultimately their student outcomes – are positive and successful. Hear what teachers are saying about using Windows devices in the classroom and how they inspire students.

  • Data Privacy: Can Innovation and Privacy Coexist?

    Recently, my bride shared with me that the parents of my daughter’s classmates had been calling to ask for counsel on whether or not they should allow their children to place their school work in cloud service providers offered by the school district...
  • School Supply List 2014-2015 – Student Advantage

    Hello fellow Moms and Dads! It’s almost time for our kids to go back to school. So, I want to share some must-have additions for your School Supply List 2014-2015. Microsoft is enabling students success in the 2014-15 school year with Student...
  • Back to School with EdmodoCon: Five Free Resources to Get You Started

    Microsoft is sponsoring EdmodoCon 2014, Edmodo’s virtual full-day conference focusing on teacher professional development. We're equipping teachers with the tools for success is pivotal to transforming educational outcomes.