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It’s true! We’re putting Surface RT in the hands of educators and students, schools and universities...

It’s true! We’re putting Surface RT in the hands of educators and students, schools and universities...

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At Microsoft, we have an unwavering commitment to education. It’s a phrase you’ve heard me say more than once, and it’s true not just in theory, but also in practice. In fact, during the last year alone, we’ve recommitted to our work with educators by extending our investment in Partners in Learning by $250 million; surfacewe’ve launched Youthspark to bring opportunities to 300 million youth worldwide; and we’ve offered Office 365 for free to educational institutions worldwide.

Today, I am pleased to announce one more great opportunity exclusively for education institutions: The availability of Surface RT devices at a reduced price for a limited time.

Now through August 31, 2013, K–12 and Higher Education institutions can get:

• Surface RT (32 GB) for $199 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $499 USD)
• Surface RT (32 GB) Touch Keyboard Cover for $249 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $599)
• Surface RT (32 GB) Type Keyboard Cover for $289 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $629)

Surface RT provides students and educators with access to powerful tools like Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT – Microsoft Office is the most-used productivity software in schools and businesses (1 billion people using it today) and Windows is used by 95 percent of employers. It also opens the door to thousands — more than 20,000, to be precise — of education related apps in the Windows Store, from big names like Khan Academy, Kno, Chegg, and major textbook publishers such as HMH and Pearson.

Personally, I love that Surface RT offers the richness of a mouse and keyboard, USB and HD video-out to support printing and presentations, a dazzling 10.6” ClearType HD display for textbooks and education videos, all-day battery life, multitasking to show two apps side-by-side, and multi-user support. Quite simply, this is a great choice for schools and universities.

If you’re asking why now is the right time to take such an ambitious step into the education market, the answer is simple: It’s because Microsoft believes every student and teacher deserves a fair opportunity to reach his or her full potential, and this means ensuring our education customers have access to affordable and high quality tablets with laptop functionality ready for education.

What we’re announcing today is just one offer.  Windows devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, features and price points to serve all our education customer needs.  We continue to work with OEMs on delivering their latest tablets and PCs.

The Microsoft Surface for education offer is available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States (including Puerto Rico).

For more information and to order in North America visit here; For the rest of the world see the Surface RT for Education brochure below and return the completed order form to

Update 7/18 - We’ve received great feedback and strong demand for the Surface RT for Education Limited Time Offer. Schools are discovering Surface and Windows 8 for the first time through this program and many of them have asked us to extend the offer so they can purchase when they come back-to-school in September.  We’re excited by this response and we agree it makes a lot of sense to extend the deadline to September 30th. We want to make sure that every school that wants a Surface gets one.

Attachment: Surface in Education Brochure and Order Form.pdf
  • Really, really nice, guys and gals. We skipped the iPad fad and will be putting one of these into the hands of each of our Middle School students. I hope you extend this offer so we can get them into the elementary school and *gasp* our kindergarteners. We are a parochial school and the budget is always tight, but at this price we cannot say no. I'm heading to the street corner right now with an old bean can to beg more nickels ;-)

  • Is there any information about how home educators / home schools  can participate ?

  • How can I purchase a Surface RT  at the dicount price.? iam a college professor.

  • Hey

    What is the UK price and is it available for primary schools?


  • Will this offer be available in Europe? In particular Ireland?

  • I mean what will the European price be?

  • How to order in germany with a german keyboard layout?

  • The concept for orderinmg in Europe would be really interesting. It is great that many countries are supported, but it would be bad, if we need to import the Surface from the US. The customs, tax and warranty issues would cause unnecessary trouble, as the Surface are avaiable here anyway. Please give us an update in this regard.

  • Do you know who the contact in ireland is for this?

    Thank you

  • Great deal but too bad our school can't buy them right now. We always have to create a budget one year in advance and as tablets we're not part of our budget this year (although we still have money available) we can't buy them. Our teachers can't buy them either as our school can't sell them to them if they don't want to get the school's finances in trouble. Ah well... :(

  • Is there a way for faculty and staff to order not through the school if the institution will not pay for it?

  • I'm a graduate student in Shaanxi Province, China. It is nearly impossible for us to buy surface through our university because of the bureaucracy. But I really want to buy a surface. Can I fill in the form and purchase alone?

  • How about a deal like that for us college students? It will get into the hands of the consumers, which I am sure that's what you really want.

  • Hi, how can i get this offer in Spain?

  • You don't really expect me to use this crappy device for teaching? Microsoft should be ashamed of shipping such a horrid operating system.

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