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June, 2011

  • The Next OS codenamed: Windows 8 debuts

    Microsoft debuts first look at the next Windows OS, codenamed: Windows 8 at the D9 conference. A new multi-touch Natural User Experience with Live Tiles is coming in Windows8. Related posts: Journey to the next release of Windows more
  • Bing Honored At Annual Cause Marketing Forum

    We are honored to have received the Gold Halo Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for the Our School Needs campaign yesterday at the Cause Marketing Forum’s annual conference in Chicago. A total of 18 awards were given out to programs judged...
  • National Geographic Map Brings Social Studies to Life

    Getting kids interested in social studies can be a project. As I remember it, in grade school, social studies came right after lunch, which meant that I was more interested in putting my head on my desk than in learning what the indigenous peoples of...