Microsoft Disaster Response – Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

Microsoft Disaster Response – Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

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Molly Bull, Senior Communications, Manager, Microsoft Disaster Response


UPDATE: See our most recent post on Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

We extend our sympathies to the many people who have been impacted by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda which made landfall in the Philippines on November 8 at a high Category 5, making it the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines in 2013.  The typhoon caused significant wind and storm surge damage to communities in its path.

We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the many first responders on the ground helping with relief efforts. Those who wish to offer support can do so by supporting the nonprofit organizations that are providing aid to those impacted:


A Virtual Aid Drive has been set up to help to procure items needed within the Philippines, and will help support the local economy and ensure that goods are delivered in the timeliest manner to people in need. Through this site you can direct your donation to one of the many organizations serving the communities affected by the typhoon including: CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, World Food Programme, and more.


The American Red Cross is deploying resources to assist the local chapters in their response and have launched an appeal for monetary donations.  You can make a monetary donation here.


For information on the safety of family and friends you can access the ICRC’s Family links

As part of our ongoing commitment to working with local government, nonprofit and humanitarian relief partners, we will continue to assess how technology can help with relief efforts.  Microsoft is also working with customers and partners to determine technology and services support needed to help with business and infrastructure challenges.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, and we will continue to provide support and information, and include updates as frequently as possible.

  • I am donating to the salvation army and not the red cross as they don't pay the big wigs first as we all have heard and seen on t.v. and we want to make sure our money gets to the people and not to wealthy people running that program.. hope you all do the same...unless it has changed.. correct me if I am wrong.

  • Heifer International gives 100% of donations to the Charity.

  • that rumor has been going around for 50 yrs.  Check on Urban Legends for the truth.  I think if you had a problem at your home, Red Cross Would be there for you, not Good Will (also, a wonderful charity. Meanwhile, I'm going to donate to the Red Cross.

  • Hello, The Fundraising Foundation Saves The Worlds Philippine representatives lives in the areas who have suffered the worst by Haiyan, our female representative Ivona M. Carcedo lives in Cebu region, and her fiance Brent L. Mausisa who lived in what once was Tacloban City.

    Ivona has provided her personal story on the events from her point of view, you can read it on Saves The Worlds blog here:

    We hope that this will give you all a deeper understanding of the actual events and situation there when you read this personal story!

    Please share it with others!

    Much thanks from the board of directors in Saves The World Foundation!

  • whats A mandatory donation A donation should be given If you can

  • It says "monetary donation" not mandatory. They mean that it is better to give money than sending things. It's faster, more efficient, helps the local economy.


  • SharePoint MVPs and experts have stepped up to help too

  • I am hoping all those monetary donations won't land on corrupt people .  I know Grace Poe a newly elected senator was the first responder by sending tons of water bottles.  She sure is an honest one. Monetary donations is much faster as long as they have a good system of disbursements of all the reliefs they need. Filipinos will rise up again with so much help from all over the world.  God Bless to those who help sincerely.

  • Money is preferred because they can order prepackaged pallets, ready for shipping, of what they need most. And they need stuff that they can ship fast, especially now, for survival.

  • To help me get more public views on this petition all I ask is your email to be added to the list of people wanting to help, I'm not asking donations only for you to add your email and prove that you think this is important, the if you want to donate there are links at the bottom of the petition for you to donate in £1. Please help me promote this news I only ask for your email once and then you wont receive nothing else from us. Thank you so much.

  • The problem in handling disaster stricken areas of Visayas was lack of responsibility & accountability.

    Some areas don’t have a functional local government units to attend to the needs of people as they themselves were also victims. Congressmen should be tap to lead each respective districts, they should be responsible & accountable for each area’s relief operations. Tap military – give each Congressmen, a buddy military general who will oversee peace & order for each district. Those 2 key personnel should be the go-to-guy managing & integrating all required basic needs by each districts at the local level. In the national level overall responsibility lies on President & Vice-President together w/ different cabinet secretaries & higher military generals. A central command center should be in-place right after the disaster together w/ various sub-command centers. All mayors or highest available municipal official together w/ assigned PNP personnel in each locality should also set-up a command post. If there's really no more municipal official of PNP then Central Command should put in place OIC's. Command hierarchy should be followed so that all affected areas & individual will be reach w/ needed services. Central command center managed by national government should provide all requested services to each sub-command center w/c being manage by Congressmen & a military general – this sub-command center will distribute all relief to all command post manage by each Mayor & PNP personnel. International assistance, red cross & other NGO’s activities should have a direct supervision from central command center. This is to ensure that services were being given to the most needed areas & distributed fairly.

    In parallel the national government together w/ affected provinces governors should start working on rehabilitation activities, starting w/ most critical infrastructure like airport, sea ports, roads & bridges, energy restoration, communication, water supply, food ware houses, hospitals, shelters & schools. Division of labors is needed w/c should be done simultaneously and w/ proper coordination to all stake holders. Generate temporary jobs for all affected individual – “a cash for work program” is a very good start and provide them w/ decent salary. Set time line – target specific dates of completion for all projects is very important. Budget wise – the country have money & more pledges were coming for responsible disposal.

    Lastly don’t let our politicians specially Senators to meddle w/ the issue of handling projects w/c involve government funds. If Senators want to help then they should do it on they own, from they own pocket & huge bank accounts. As we all know they are only good building backyard basketball courts & waiting sheds !!!

    Basta gusto ko happy ka, happy kayo, happy tayo, di ba Sexy & Pogi?

  • We can spend countless hours discussing the problems of the past or what issues may coming up in the future on how the donations made will be handled. In the end we all have a civic responsibility to do what we can to make a difference. I am donating based on my faith in human kindness and the desire to be part of the solution.

    If by some chance only 50% of the funds make it to the little girl who just lost her whole family then at least she got 50%. The other alternative is to not donate and 100% of 0 is 0.

    I challenge everyone of you to make a donation today and be part of the difference. Be the solution not the discussion....;jsessionid=37CB443BE77B32D4021152991AF677E9

  • Microsoft, thank you, we need you.  your comment "As part of our ongoing commitment to working with local government, nonprofit and humanitarian relief partners, we will continue to assess how technology can help with relief efforts" is comforting.

    I moved to the Philippines 10 years ago and have gone through many Typhoons and Hurricanes back to Camille.  In fact 3 weeks before Haiyan, we were the epicenter in the Philippines for terrible flooding and landslides and were a nightly feature on the National news, but we never thought 3 weeks later we would consider ourselves lucky and let off easy.

    Hiayan move us to action. Working in the IT industry, I put together a project, currently on Indiegogo in the technology category titled "Where is My Family" (  Our project is to develop a facial recognition websource (my term: web based resource) which acts as a service to match/identify those alive, dead or missing with family after a major disaster.  First responders capture images and upload them to the database and worried families, either on scene, somewhere in the chaos or elsewhere nationally or globally can submit images of family and friends and our non-profit service makes the matches and notifies those affected.  We envision the Red Cross as the ideal candidates for this re-purposed technology as well as having camera systems setup in tent cities, hospitals and evacuation centers.

    We could use your support with funding or with technology, really whatever you would like to contribute.  I take you at your word as quoted above and hope to hear from you to help move this dearly needed resource to existence before the next mega disaster.  Your good people Microsoft.  I only hope you read our comments and respond.


    Tim Boersma

    Where is My Family - Project Founder/developer

    Philippines 639052809818

    U.S. 209-898-7336

    email on indiegogo campaign page

  • ciank gi mna kbrx kak alma ckrng nie

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