• Using Technology to Enrich Volunteerism

    This post is part of a series of articles that highlight Microsoft employees in Asia who are creating a positive impact in their local community, and inspiring others along the way.

    As the Principal IT Manager at Microsoft, Khoo Sang Chin has served in various capacities to support customers in optimising their IT operations. On top of his daily work activities, the Singapore-based industry veteran is also committed to volunteering his time and technical knowledge for a rather different purpose—making technology accessible to everyone, especially the underserved communities whose needs are often overlooked. 

  • 21st Century Classrooms Mean Better Outcomes in Thailand

    “Turn to page 94. Read it. Take down these notes.”|
    Pages flipping and soft scratches of pen on paper are the only sounds to be heard in this otherwise silent classroom.
    “Want to see more photographs about how this works? I will get back to you tomorrow.”

    Such days may soon be coming to an end in Thailand with the new 21st Century Classroom initiative, where classrooms are outfitted with portable computers, a Wi-Fi access point, a ‘smartboard’ (an interactive touchscreen whiteboard) and charging stations. 

  • Raising Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights among Korean Students

    From Star Wars to Coca Cola, many artistic works and inventions are the intellectual property of their creators and are protected under international copyright laws. Yet, many Korean youth remain unfamiliar with the concept of intellectual property rights (IPR) and are therefore prone to unknowingly committing copyright infringement.

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