August, 2013

  • Microsoft Indonesia Hosts Technology Day for Students

    Anak Sabang Merauke, a youth movement from Aceh, Riau, East Java, Bali, West Kalimantan, Sabah, North Maluku and Papua, Indonesia, visited the Microsoft Indonesia offices in Jakarta during their Technology Day event on July 9. Attendees were mostly young teenagers with a passion to improve their villages with Microsoft technology.

    The training was a great eye opener for the students as well as their mentors, young professionals who volunteered to assist the young people. The BG and CSI team showcased Windows 8, Office 365 and Skype.

    As part of the event, the participants created a video of their real life experience in the office.

  • Ask Me Anything: Microsoft Execs Share their Experiences with Asian Youth

    Have you ever wanted to ask a corporate executive exactly how they got their start? Wondered if they had any regrets? Or wanted advice on planning your career? This week, in partnership with the Microsoft Asia Citizenship team, 51 youth from five cities across Southeast Asia, specifically Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore, got the chance to do just that.

    In the global launch of YouthSpark dialogue sessions called ‘Ask Me Anything’, two Microsoft executives, Rich Sauer, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Legal & Corporate Affairs, and Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore, were connected via video call to young people across the region  to talk about their personal career journeys and to offer advice on education, being a manager, working in the IT industry, maintaining personal integrity, how to be successful and balancing work and family.

    The audience was aged between 18 and 30 and are involved with various YouthSpark programmes such as Innovate for Good, YouthSpark grants, Imagine Cup, Microsoft Student Partners or hackathons. Singapore youth participated live at the Microsoft Technology Centre and Jessica stayed for an hour past the scheduled end of the event sharing her experiences.

    Jessica’s advice included: “Recognise those who have helped you become successful.” And, “You have the power of choice when it comes to work-life balance.” She concluded by saying, “To succeed, remember these three things: the impact and influence you make, collaborate with colleagues and be confident in your ideas.”

    Rich declared from the start, “Live a life of no regrets,” and explained that he has always kept himself open to new opportunities and takes them when he sees a chance to try something new that will enhance himself personally and professionally. He concluded by saying that, “There is no compromise when it comes to establishing your reputation based on trust and integrity.”

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this first dialogue session!

  • Merdeka Day Celebrated with Homegrown Apps from Malaysia

    Microsoft Malaysia is celebrating the month of August by paying homage to locally made apps leading up to ‪Merdeka Day with ‪#‎31AppsMadeInMalaysia.

    Every day for 31 days, one made-in-Malaysia app that is available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be featured.

    These great apps demonstrate the creativity, drive and inherent potential that exists within our local developer ecosystem. In partnership with homegrown developers, Microsoft worldwide is now looking at over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, driving more than 200 million monthly downloads, while our Windows Phone marketplace now features more than 160,000 apps.

    The first local app we are featuring is the MyTeksi, available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone! (Download it now and enjoy the promotion we are having!)

    MyTeksi came about to drive change and improve lives – resulting in Malaysia's fastest taxi-booking app, giving passengers speed, certainty and safety in their taxi rides. The MyTeksi app enables passengers to book and reconfirm taxis more efficiently, along with numerous value-added functionalities. Booking a taxi is now at the touch of your fingers: using the user’s current location with Bing Maps, the app highlights the number of taxis around the vicinity, estimated journey distance and taxi fare. The taxi confirmation is also synchronized across all the devices under the user’s Microsoft account, allowing the user to swap from the various different Windows form factor devices!

    “As the first app in the country to use smartphone-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch, we are very pleased to provide Windows and Windows Phone users with the convenience and features of the MyTeksi app through the Windows Store,” said Aaron Gill, Product & Technical Lead.

    Follow Microsoft Malaysia on their dedicated social media channels to learn about these great made-in-Malaysia apps!

             * Windows Phone Malaysia Facebook Page:

  • Technology Planning for Nonprofits: An Interview with John Kenyon

    Over the last few years, Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific has been supporting Connecting Up's annual nonprofit technology conference. This year, we also caught up with two of this year’s keynote speakers in a short series of interviews at the Gold Coast in Australia.

    One of these speakers is John Kenyon, a nonprofit technology strategist and educator who is based in San Francisco, USA.

    In the first part of the interview (3 minutes, 3 seconds), John gives us some background of who he is, what he does, how he ended up working for nonprofits, and why he chose to stay as a nonprofit technology advocate. He also talks about the different technology planning issues that nonprofits often face, and he gives some tips on how to manage these issues.


  • Imagine Cup 2013: Team Lumos of South Korea Brings Music to Life

    In the magical lore of the popular fantasy fiction series, Harry Potter, Lumos is a light-creation spell that allows wizards to illuminate the tip of their wand. Taking inspiration from this simple yet highly effective spell, Team Lumos of South Korea created a Windows 8 app that provides a new way of enjoying music through projection mapping techniques.

    Team Lumos members GeunWook Lee, Nak-Kwon Choi, HwaJin Park and Jungmin Oh first got together through the Microsoft Student Partners programme. Spurred by their shared love of music, the students set out to work on a technology project that will enable users to create beautiful visual effects that match and enhance their listening experience.

    “While we initially did not have a clear plan on how we were going to execute our idea, we knew we wanted to create something that is closely related to what we all love. With Lumos, anyone who enjoys music can now create their own media art with a little help from the app we developed that is based on projection mapping. We believe this app can make a difference to the music industry,” said Nak-Kwon.

    While projection mapping techniques are already widely used by musicians to enhance their stage performances through synchronised visuals, Team Lumos has developed a way to enable anyone with a Windows 8 device to utilise the technology to personalise their listening experience in their own personal space.

    When Team Lumos arrived in St Petersburg, Russia, to compete in the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in July, the team members got the chance to interact with other finalists and were inspired by the wealth of technology ideas from their peers.

    In addition, the young South Koreans were greatly motivated by the encouraging reception their app received – and found that the Imagine Cup is serving as a stepping stone to bringing their ideas to life. Team Lumos was among the teams awarded the AFT (App Fast Track) Excellence Award.

    “Imagine Cup is a platform like no other. You would not be able to find another event that enables students from all over the world to gather and talk about their dreams and aspirations. It was our first time being involved in such a huge project, and we were able to learn from our shared experiences and work together to overcome the obstacles we faced,” Nak-Kwon added.

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