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About the Microsoft Blog

This official Microsoft Blog aims to cover and add context around the top level news from the company and industry. It is intended to complement the Microsoft News Center, where you’ll find a steady stream of news and information about the company, as well as some of our partners and customers. On the blog, you’ll see the company’s perspective on the news, along with the thoughts and opinions of some of our employees and executives, and our reaction to what we see happening in the industry.  The blog is managed by Microsoft’s Corporate Communications team but you’ll see posts from interesting people across the company.

Across Microsoft there are literally hundreds of teams and individuals actively blogging on almost every topic relevant to the work we do (and plenty that aren’t relevant but still interesting!).  This blog is not intended to replace the richness and diversity of these blogs, nor to suggest reading just one blog is the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening. 

Like some of the other cross-company sites, we have decided to restrict the ability to comment on posts, at least initially. As we establish the blog’s voice, we hope to enable comments and foster a dialogue with readers. 

We’ll work hard to make sure this is useful and relevant so all feedback is welcome at