On September 10-12, TechCrunch Disrupt kicks off at the Concourse at San Francisco Design Center for another exciting conference filled with eager entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, esteemed panelists, and witty TechCrunch writers.

This blog post was written by Brett Laffel, Senior Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft

While you are there, make sure to check out the HUGE! Microsoft booth that our team will be staffing throughout the entire course of the Hackathon over the weekend and for the entire length of the conference itself, from Monday to Wednesday. Don’t forget to drop your business card – you could win a brand new NOKIA LUMIA Windows Phone! We’ll be giving out three phones via raffle over the weekend, and one phone also chosen via raffle, at the conclusion of the conference.

And there’s more. Have you heard all about and read about Windows 8, but haven’t gotten the opportunity to interact with the new operating system in person? Now is your chance! We’ll have a number of slates available for anyone to try out and play around with. Have questions about how to develop for Windows 8? Or about what the actual market opportunity is? Or on the release timeframe or the tools and ample resources Microsoft has available to you? We’ll have our A-team of technical evangelists there to answer all of these questions and many more.

Last but not least.. We figure there will be a lot of startups at the event. In addition to a fully-staffed Windows 8 table, we’ll also have a fully-staffed Microsoft BizSpark table. Come to learn about Microsoft’s program - specifically tailored for startups - that currently has over 50,000 startups worldwide in the program. Outside of the software development tools that BizSpark members receive, there is also technical support and business training that our BizSpark startups have access to –we’ll have all this information available to you at our table! And, we promise you won’t be leaving our table without handy-dandy Microsoft BizSpark goods!

The conference itself also looks wonderful. I’d highly recommend watching Startup Battlefield – where 30 new companies launch on stage in front of everyone. An expert panel of judges critiques each startup, and the winner receives $50,000, in addition to great press and exposure. I’d also recommend seeing the panel with Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz (huge fan of, and frequent blogger on rap music!) and Cory Booker, an avid Twitter user, and also the well-known visionary mayor from Newark.

Questions? Suggestions for me? Want to meet up? I’ll be there the entire time. Feel free to reach out. Brett.Laffel@microsoft.com or @BrettLaffel on Twitter.