During the last two months I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring some of the teams in the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator program. It has been an exciting period and the teams are now racing to refine their business models and presentations in time for Demo Day on June 28th in Seattle.

What has impressed me the most about the program is the tremendous amount of ground breaking innovation. The technology is being pushed to its limits by teams like; Styku, which is using the Kinect to scan your body in order to solve the elusive size and fit problem and UBI Interactive, offing a more interactive future by turning any surface into a touch display (like the floating screens in the movie Minority Reports) and Manctl, which is providing a solution to scan a room and convert it to a 3D rendering!

As amazing as the technology is, equally important has been the support of Microsoft in providing advice and introductions to high level contacts at corporations that would be virtually impossible to achieve otherwise. I think the combination of individual and corporate mentoring structured around accelerator programs will become more wide spread and I applaud Microsoft for its early efforts! 

Robert Kapela, a Lead Mentor at the Kinect Accelerator