Hey guys - wazzup?

I am writing this one in English, as I know that there is an international crowd reading it. I started writing this at about half-time through Dreamhack Winter 2007 at Elmia in Jönköping in Sweden, and yet I didn't have a chance to finish it before the end of the event but here it is...

It's an awesome event in any shape, way or form! Just take a look at these statistics:

  • Just about 11 000 attendants
    • Who by the way - are not drinking, not doing drugs and not fighting - that alone makes the event stand out
  • 10 445 machines connected to the local network
  • 40 Gb/s connection to the Internet + another 10 Gb/s backup
  • Aggregated traffic over the core switches amounts to about 53 terabit/s - Wow!
  • Percentage of girls attending is growing year over year and has almost reached 13% by now
  • Swedish Minister of IT- and Infrastructure Åsa Torstensson was there to talk to the crowd and generally get a feeling for what it is all about

So, why's Microsoft here? Well, our motto is 'To help people realizing their potential' and that is exactly what is going on here. We get to talk to the coming generation of IT Pros as well as Developers about our company, products, values and mission as well as being able to answer questions that they have about Microsoft and/or our products and technologies.

Micrsoft Dreamhack Vinter v3

We've set up a portal for anyone here being a student or a teacher to sign up for Microsoft Academic Alliance, which pretty much means that they get an opportunity to download almost 300 different applications and systems from us for free. The idea being that they can learn how to use them and realize their potential in school by using them.

We're also running various competitions like Guitar Hero III, which has proven to be a great success and there sure is some awesome talent out there!

We're an interesting mix of people representing Microsoft here this year. We have five evangelists from almost as many countries, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden being represented. We have a DPE Director and a DPE AMM from Sweden as well as the DPE Lead for the entire Western Europe. We have one Director and one Program Manager from the XNA team in Redmond, USA. We have a prize winning game developer as well as a student partner - so there is a vast mix of people. Plus we are co-operating with Intel, who have supplied us with some awesome hardware, for the duration of the event, thanks!

Here are some pictures from the event, in the form of a gallery to make it easier to browse them:

A selection of photos from Dreamhack Winter 2007

Dreamhack's Official Site

The Swedish Airforce put on an awesome display with some aerobatics performed by one of their JAS 39 Gripen Advanced Fighter Aircraft. See below the picture for credits to the photographer, I unfortunately didn't bring my telephoto lens, so I couldn't compress the background like this.

JAS just above the DreamHack visitors Photo: Henrik Eskilsson

I hope we get to be there next year again as this is a truly fun event to work at! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me...

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