Hej på er,

Sitter här på hotellet i Malmö och reflekterar över första avklarade dagen på vår TechNet Live Roadshow - jag tycker det känns som det har gått bra och att vi hade roligt - jag hoppas ni som var där håller med mig?! När jag nu sitter och kollar mail och bloggar så snubbalde jag över följande som jag tror ni kan tycka är högintressant?


Microsoft.com Webcast Week November 7-11, 2005

Here is the agenda:


11/7/05 Monday: Microsoft.com - High Availability Architecture (Level 200)

Hear from the System Engineers who operate the highest scale IIS solutions on the Internet; including www.Microsoft.com, Windows Update, MSDN/Technet, Downloads, and more.  They will share their web hosting secrets for High Availability architectures, including the areas surrounding Network Security, Cluster & Host Level Load Balancing, and Web & Database server distributions.


11/8/05 Tuesday: Microsoft.com – Configuration Management of Web Farms (Level 200)

Get 1-on-1 with Sr. System Engineers responsible for running www.Microsoft.com and Windows Update to see how they perform scripted administration and deployment of configuration settings across the infrastructure.  Engineers will have sample scripts and provide visibility into how they leverage various commands which release with Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0.


11/9/05 Wednesday: Microsoft.com - Change & Release Management Strategies (Level 200)

Microsoft.com Operations will provide insight into how they handle and manage software updates; such as Operating System deployments, Service Pack’s & Security Patches.  They will also cover the approach used to manage application releases to environments, and strategies leveraged with the Product Development organizations (Development, Test & Program Mgmt) regarding Software Development Release Cycle (SDLC).


11/10/05 Thursday: Microsoft.com – Monitoring and Management of Enterprise Platform (Level 300)

Microsoft.com Operations is currently responsible for managing more than 2000 Windows Servers hosted in 3 remote Data Centers.  Partner up with their Sr. Engineers to understand how they leverage a suite of technologies and operational processes to establish Asset Management, Event / Log / Performance Data Collection and Reporting, as well System & Application level uptime analysis.  Session will include how they leverage Active Directory and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) within the overall framework of their solution.


11/11/05 Friday: Microsoft.com – Troubleshooting & Debugging Web Hosting Environments (Level 300)

Dive under the hood with our Sr. System Engineers at Microsoft.com Operations to see how they troubleshoot and debug the array of hosted ASP.NET applications and database driven systems.  They will provide “How To” real life scenarios covering commonly leveraged tools such as LogParser, Server Performance Advisor (SPA), Performance Monitor, Network Monitor, and more.  The team will also cover some common debug dump analytic procedures used when those tools and corresponding data have not identified root cause of a problem.