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  • Blog Post: Search through everything!!!!!

    With Configuration Manager 2012 came a new UI. It took some getting used to but I, for one, have come to like it over the old MMC interface. There is one frustration with it that I hear from customers or see them attempting to workaround all the time. ConfigMgr admins everywhere like to organize their...
  • Blog Post: Get more from your queries

    Every SCCM admin has figured out how to create a collection with a query rule to dynamically update its membership (you don't just do direct rules I hope). Most admins have also learned that the columns able to be returned by a collection are limited but if you create a query in the Query node of...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Admin permissions

    Setting up different levels of Admin UI permissions for SMS or SCCM is not always straight forward and obvious. It is, however, fairly flexible and granular. I’m not going to cover how to get console connectivity, as I think that is well covered elsewhere on the internet. Things like membership in the...