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  • Argh.
    Mike, please tell me you know that this should all be taken with a pinch of salt.
    This is all from the heart of the blogsphere echochamber (or should that be egochamber)?
    One example: check out the references cited in Phil Wainewright's piece. All thinkers, all bloggers - but how many are really in touch with what's going on out there in business?

    We're just kicking off some primary research - yes, that's asking *real people* - what they're doing with SOA and how they feel about it. I will believe that - not a load of me-too "analysis" from people with Gartner's hype curve stuck on the wall above their desks.

  • Hi Neil
    Yes, I realise that this is all thinkers rather than doers so I have sent the last couple of weeks talking to real companies about what they are doing in the Web 2.0 space and have come back with some amazing stories and insights. I will be blogging more on these in future but suffice to say I belive that neither the SOA mechants or the blogsphere have it completely right. I'm not sure I do yet either but we are certainly in for interesting time!

  • Sounds interesting! I think you're at WAX in London next week so I'll learn more about it there! - Neil
    [PS thanks for the link in your previous entry...]

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