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There is an interesting discussion with Steve Cook on software factories in this month’s DNJ online. I understood most of it, the bit I didn’t get was about how patterns are a modeless software factory. I have always been puzzled about the relationship between patterns, DSL’ and software factories and I’m afraid this did nothing to clarify things for me.

  • My understanding when I interviewed Steve Cook was that Patterns and DSLs are two of the components that could play a part in a software factory, and that models - while also a potential component - are not mandatory. Would be good to get Steve's own take on this, though!

  • The most essential component of a software factory is a software factory schema. This describes precisely what artifacts the factory deals with and how they are related. A software factory could, for example, be driven from wizards and explorers. A factory will be prepopulated with assets that instantiate the schema; the factory user will add new assets, modify the supplied ones, and where they are transformations, apply them. Models are nice, but not essential.

  • mode-less
    or model-less [obviously the latter, but it confused me on first reading].

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