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Friday Afternoon Quiz Fun

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So how leading edge are you? Do you know all the latest TLA's? Have you spent hours on the phone to a vendor trying to get the latest alpha code to work? Have you been up all night chasing that bug only to be told by the support line that it's a "known Bug"?


I have written this simple quiz (incidentally anyone know a better free quiz engine?) which sees how close to the cutting edge you are.




Less than 20% means you not doing development, less than 50% means you have a few scars, less than 60% means you are bleeding and more than 60%... call the ambulance!



  • I'm really impressed by the deep insight your quiz engine has into my life. It asked me if I was using RUP, I said no, and it told me I was wrong!

    So does it mean I am wrong not to use RUP, or does it simply think I'm lying about my usage of RUP, Mike?

    Incidentally, the way you approach the answer to that question will demonstrate whether you're an architect, a mathematician, or simply taking me too seriously... :-)

  • You just are wrong Tim!

  • I just had a look at the responses to this quiz, 270 people have responded so far and actually about 20% of them are really bleeding edge rather than the 40% I guessed at.
    In fact the level of sophistication of the people responding was really high.

  • Of course, they way the quiz was created, you don't even have to know what any of the things mean. You can simply guess an answer. Since one of the questions will be true for either option selected, you are assured 20%. Then you only need to guess one right out of the remaining four to hit 40%.

    Hmm, I just checked, the quiz has 6 questions now instead of 5. Also, the questions are have changed somewhat. Perhaps it is more sophisticated than I thought.

  • Yes, I agree you can guess although the questions do change. I would like to find a better quiz engine than the one I am using so it is a bit more valid.