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HD-DVD going the way of Beta Max?

HD-DVD going the way of Beta Max?

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It is starting to feel like HD-DVD has lost.  With Transformers only available on HD-DVD, I thought there was a glimmer of hope, but I am pretty sure the fat lady is singing.

Why?  Disney.

I think Disney was the camel that broke the straw back.  It is really frustrating that I can't buy my kid's movies on HD-DVD since I only have an Xbox 360, and have to "waste" money in an older format.  Buying a Blue Ray player is still not feasible, while HD-DVD players head towards $100.

I could care less about which technology.  They only thing that erks me a bit is that it is Sony's proprietary technology.

One walk around CES and it is pretty clear, which one is hyped and winning.  HD-DVD may be relegated to "Beta Max", special use status.

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  • I got a chance to walk through most of the show today, my frackin' feet still hurt and my shoes have

  • Well I took the plunge into HD-DVD Yesterday (Jan 9th, 2008)knowing full well about Warner's decision and that HD-DVD may not last that much longer. But at 99$ (Futureshop screwed me on boxing day here in Canada and gave me a raincheck for the TOSHIBA A3) plus with 7 free HD-DVD's included I decided it was worth it for a short trip into High Def for my Projector, with the device acting as an upscaling DVD player regardless of how the format war goes. Personally I like HD-DVD a lot (It's cheap and beautiful). Its a shame they can't make a pact to make all future players combo players. That way my 7 disks and everyone else's collection would survive rather then act as a short lived high def dream. What I don't understand is how Blu Ray is winning as no one owns a stand alone player, only Ps3's. Most HD-DVD people probably own a stand alone player. Oh well...  

  • Looks like Universal is also about to jump ship.  Who does that leave, just DreamWorks?

  • Looks like Universal is also about to jump ship.  Who does that leave, just DreamWorks?

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