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  • Blog Post: Removing ActiveSync Devices Without Prompting

    So, I consider myself a pretty good PowerShell user/scripter. But, I was stumped by a small issue with trying to use the "Remove-ActiveSyncDevice" cmdlet in Exchange 2010 to not prompt for each device removal. Our (Microsoft) TechNet article on using Remove-ActiveSync Device (
  • Blog Post: Transport Rule Size Limits in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010

    Recently, a colleague of mine (Kamaljit Mundi) was trying to find out the maximum size an individual Transport Rule could be in Exchange 2010 for one of her customers. I had some emails that stated the limit was 4K, but nothing definitive could be found to confirm that. She continued digging into this...
  • Blog Post: How to Block OWA for External Users

    My customer decided that they needed to block OWA externally but leave it open internally. Why? OWA does pose a security risk having e-mail open to the internet. Yes, passwords, firewalls, etc all provide levels of protection, but it is still an opening for someone to get in through. They use OWA internally...