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    This page will contain everything you ever wanted to know about Windows 2003
  • Blog Post: Event ID: 12294 Woes

    I came across this great error today at a customer site: Event Type: Error Event Source: SAM Event Category: None Event ID: 12294 Date: 3/3/2003 Time: 9:42:55 AM User: (USERNAME) Computer: (COMPUTERNAME) Description: The SAM database was unable to lockout the account of ? due to a resource error,...
  • Blog Post: You want some tools - You cant handle these tools!

    If you are trying to troubleshoot a Windows Platform, there are some great tools that you could install to help you get a better idea about that is going on. Below is a list of some of these great Microsoft home grown tools:
  • Blog Post: Poster Central

    Hi all, Ever wanted a change in decor in your house? rather than boring old patterned wallpaper, what about getting some great posters with core components of specific technologies to put in their place... amaze your friends, impress your spouse.. check out the technical posters from Microsoft. :...
  • Blog Post: Poster Win 8 app, available now

    A new Windows 8 app is now available to enable you to see all the technical spec posters that we used to have to print out on A3. If you’re running Windows 8, you can get it from the Windows Store here: thanks Martin (aka the poster guy :) http://blogs...
  • Blog Post: Registry.pol fun

    Hi all, This month, I ran into an interesting challenge to do with group policies. Specifically, I was trying to figure out why a client was not getting a specific setting. While it is was the Group Policy Object (GPO) and it the version of the GPT.ini in SYSVOL was in sync, the client was still not...
  • Blog Post: ADPREP Challenges

    I had an interesting challenge last month and figured that this is a great one for my blog. Being based in England, I had never come across this issue before so it was very interesting. I arrived on a customer site to help perform a Windows Server 2008 schema update and make sure that all was well...
  • Blog Post: Repadmin - THE tool of Kings

    So, you are having trouble with Active Directory eh? wondering what great secrets Microsoft have for troubleshooting AD? When I first started to work for the big M, I was expecting to get a load of tools that would help me troubleshoot AD, tools that only the big M would have access to... what dissappointment...
  • Blog Post: Virtualising servers

    Hi All, I have started collecting a list of whitepapers based upon virtualisation of domain controllers and services, I just figured that you may find these of use! KB897615 Support policy for Microsoft software running in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software