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December, 2012

  • Windows 8 and the dreaded couldn't create a new partition

    Hi all, Something must be wrong with me, as I am posting more than normal on my blog!. This time its about Windows 8. I have rebuilt my PC over the last few evenings and been running into the error: "We couldn't create a new partition or locate...
  • RODC connection object is goes AWOL

    If the RODC connection object goes Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) then there are some steps to recover it, taken from the Ask the Directory Services Team's Blog site (
  • WMI filter woes

    Hi all, I just thought that I would finally post a little something about WQL (WMI Query Language) queries for Group Policies. It is regularly observed by most of my customers that examples of WMI queries for GPOs are found here: