An interesting thing happened to me on the way to the office today.  I turned of at the beginning of Thames Valley Park into the land of Oracle.  I usually drive straight past to the last roundabout so it was quite strange. 

I was attending an event for the UK Oracle User Group (UK OUG) Special Interest Group for Oracle on Windows  .  This shows a level of interoperability between Microsoft and Oracle.  James   had a chance to speak about 64 bit windows even after his journey back from Africa Diving last week.   I was attending to provide information and help answer any questions.  This event was a re-run of highlights from an event run in Redmond in February.  I have volunteered to show some of the resources for monitoring Windows servers at a future event.  I had a really good day chatting to people about the technology.

Some resources for interoperability on Microsoft are located here. 

Some of the tools used for monitoring and status