I came across a good post from Duncan Lamb he blogs about BI and other areas he mentions the '24/7 challenge: an IOUG 2006 survey on high availability trends'.  I was quite interested as the chart he shows mentioned SQL Server.  The report is quite interesting the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) initiated this survey of its members to develop a more comprehensive picture of the ways Oracle-based enterprises manage high availability and disaster tolerance.  From the chart and I could be reading this wrong a large percentage of oracle users are also using SQL Server.

I also thought it would be useful to highlight Patricg  who has posted information about always on technology.  He has provided some links to show some of the great new technology which we are providing with SQL Server 2005.  I also wanted to link to some more High availability resources.   If you are still not satisfied and want more info there are several high availability articles on the Database Journal.  For a more general view there is a great article on SQL-server-performance.com.   As you can see there are a host of resources for SQL Server high availability out there and I’m sure I have missed a few so please let me know.