I attended the Girly Geek Dinner  last night in London this was really well attended all our team were there. I really enjoyed it; I would like to thank all those I had a chance to speak with for making me welcome. Hopefully I will attend the next one and speak to some more of you. I had a few questions passed to me about SQL Server. I will answer the questions as soon as I can. A quite straightforward one was from Nina. Who was concerned about a change in behavior from the maintenance wizard? I can see there are quite a lot of you flagging up problems on the various community pages. And some people just don’t like it but prefer to do tasks manually. The problem was with the Maintenance Cleanup Task (Maintenance Plan)  which would not delete files from sub folders. This behavior is deliberate, to reduce the possibility of a malicious attack using the task to delete files. If you want to delete files in first-level subfolders, you must select include first-level subfolders.  This is an option for the task.