I have been asked a question about what resources are available for migrating an Access Database to SQL Server.  One of the key things to think about it what are you starting from version etc and what is it moving too.  Also I thought about why they would want to move.

They first place I looked was SQL Server Home where I searched for migration that gave me this link. http://www.microsoft.com/sql/solutions/migration/default.mspx   On this page were lots of migration resources including Oracle and Sybase. There was a jump of point for Access with four main resources; 

  • SSMA for Access Readme
  • SSMA for Access FAQ
  • Access the SQL Server upsizing newsgroup
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005: What's Right in Your Organization?

Two other resources I found that may be of use are a general one on designing applications for SQL Server on MSDN and A document on architecture for supporting multiple Access databases migrating to SQL Server on TechNet.

There is also a knowledge base article Article ID: 237980 'How to convert an Access database to SQL Server'

This is not an exhaustive list if you find any you think could be useful please bring them to my attention to flag up for others.