Keith Burns and I presented a one day technical overview looking at upgrading to SQL 2005 to an audience of 200+ at Cavendish Conference centre in London.  Jim Gray presented the keynote speech and then left to go to another meeting and have lunch with some of the Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVP).  I had a chance to chat to Simon who was there for the start then went on to the lunch with Jim and the other MVP’s.

As we both made ourselves available all day for you to ask questions there were too many to make a note of.  Please ask and we will follow those up by email or more general on my blogg here.  I was asked several times about other SQL Events.  Please contact the event team and let us know what subject and where? The event resources are here

SQL Express Questions
There were a few questions relating to SQL Express and the various editions see my previous post also check out the SQL Server Express WebLog.
Also what is really great is that they have answered another question I had been asked, upgrading to SQL Express from Access. Here is a link to a webcast that may help. 
I will get around to some of the other questions once they come through as there were far too many to make note of during the day.