I presented for a TechNet evening in Reading “SQL Server 2005 A Technical Overview” on the 11 May. I was asked several questions which I would like feed back on:

Database partitioning this is a huge subject and would need a session on its own to do it justice.  I was talking to Kimberly at the Scottish user group meeting in Edinburgh she had written a white paper  and was presenting a webcast for MSDN on partitioning.

Many of the system tables from earlier releases of SQL Server are now implemented as a set of views in SQL Server 2005.These views are known as compatibility views,  and they are meant for backward compatibility only.  To query the SQL Server System Catalog use BOL

Also I was asked about the SQL logins mapped to certificates.  Now I know about certificate services and authorities but not how SQL 2005 uses them but I have found some references for you while I try and find out some more.  MSDN has some basic info here  and a very good article here.  There is more information on SQL Protocols on supported certificates.