I just want to say WOW.  Eileen and I went straight from the Birmingham roadshow to Manchester.  We presented sessions for Unisys at Their Future Matters Conference today the 3rd of May.  That is the reason for the WOW! The conference was at the Manchester United ground. I can see why it is called the Theatre of Dreams, walking into the Trafford Suite and looking out of the window for the first time was breath taking.

Eileen had to leave early to catch her flight home.  However as my session was later, rather than leave straight away and catch the wonderful M6 traffic on my way home to Stratford on Avon.  I took advantage of taking the Theatre of dreams Tour around Old Trafford.

The shear scale and Grandeur of the stadium was breathtaking! No I am not a Man United fan either but I would love to see it full to its new capacity of 70,000+.

Oh yes ‘should I move to SQL 2005?’ that was the session I presented.  I wanted to highlight some myths, why businesses do not move their data to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Scalability: ‘It is only useful for smaller scale systems’ See Winter Corporation top ten program for databases. The largest Windows DW is 19TB. http://www.wintercorp.com/VLDB/2005_TopTen_Survey/TopTenWinners_2005.asp

Stability:  ‘It is not Enterprise ready’ Please go to our customer evidence pages to see who and how our customers are using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. http://members.microsoft.com/CustomerEvidence/Search/AdvancedSearchResults.aspx?Flag=0&AndTaxID=20363

Security:  ‘It is not a secure system’ Again look at SANS.org top 20 threats for spring update for 2006 again SQL Server is not there.