The Soul of a Virtual Machine

Things to know about running a virtual machine under Virtual Server

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  • Blog Post: New tool for precompacting virtual hard disks

    Compacting your dynamically expanding virtual hard disks (VHDs) reduces the amount of disk space they use. Preparing a disk and compacting it is covered in the Virtual Server 2005 Administrator’s Guide, so I won’t go into it here. What’s new is this: you used to have to use a third-party tool to zero...
  • Blog Post: Branch Office Infrastructure Solution -- with automation tools

    The Branch Office Infrastructure Solution has been published on TechEd. It uses virtualization technologies and includes tools for automating the creation of virtual machines, among lots of other good stuff. Go take a look!
  • Blog Post: Announcing Virtual Server Deployment Manager (VSDM) 1.3.0

    Finally, this very cool tool created by Nelson Araujo is available as a free download from Microsoft (it was demo'd last year at TechEd in WINIL401). VSDM manages a virtual library of templates and ISO images and provides a streamlined way to manage and deploy virtual machines. Administrators can configure...
  • Blog Post: MOM report for evaluating virtualization candidates

    Chong Lee and Thomas Mathew -- Technology Specialists here at Microsoft -- are developing a report that you can load into Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM) to monitor the performance of physical computers that are candidates for virtualization. This report can help you determine which computers...
  • Blog Post: What's in the Toolbox?

    This post explains the items in the Toolbox (a set of links to the left of this pane). Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit (VSMT). This is a set of command-line tools and executables that you can use to help automate the migration of physical servers to virtual machines. VSMT is a free download from...