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SSL and Virtual Server

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Q: Rod has this question: "I recently made the switch over to Virtual Server 2005 from VMware.  I love the web based interface but am having troubles with enabling SSL. Can I use SelfSSL from the IIS6 Reskit?  Could I set up a CA in a virtual machine to create the website and VMRC SSL certificates? Any tips on securing the Admin website and VMRC?

A: Here's a response from Ed Reed, a developer on the Virtual Machine team, and our resident VM security expert:

For the Administration Website, there are no special requirements for an SSL certificate. As long as the certificate supports Server Authentication, it really doesn't matter where the certificate comes from. The choice of certificate, however, determines the level of security that SSL encryption can provide. Here are some links to relevant information:

The requirements are different, however, for VMRC. Because Virtual Server runs as NetworkService, you need to create the VMRC SSL certificate using the IVMVirtualServer::VMRCCreateEncryptionCertificateRequest COM interface. You can also create this certificate from the Administration Website on the Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) Server Properties page. This request makes a temporary certificate that can be used to perform SSL encryption, however, it doesn't have the full security of a certificate signed by a third-party CA. If you use MAKECERT or some other tool, the private key is stored such that it is inaccessible to NetworkService. Such a certificate will not work for VMRC.

  • I figured out a way to get the VMRC to use an existing SSL Cert that you may already have paid for a CA to sign...

    Run mmc.exe
    Add a Snapin (Certificates) for the Local computer
    Add a second Snapin (Certificates for a Service - Select the 'Virtual Server' service)

    Under 'Certificates (Local Computer)' under 'Personal' 'Certificates'

    Select the certificate - and export it WITHOUT the private key to C:\cert.cer
    Export it a second time WITH the private key, set a password, do not export the chain. Save as c:\cert.pfx

    Under 'Certificates - Service (Virtual Server)'
    Under 'Virtual Server\Certificate Enrollment Requests\Certificates'
    Right-click and import the .pfx file (you'll need to provide the password).

    Now - from the Web UI for Virtual Server, Server Properties
    Select the VMRC Server
    Check 'Enable' for SSL Encryption
    Select 'Upload', browse to and upload the c:\cert.cer file.

    Done... The VMRC server is now using the certificate..

    I hope this hels someone else who want's to benefit from Trusted SSL encryption with VMRC using a certificate they already have paid for...

  • Very right but such a certificate will not work for VMRC.

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