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Warm backup and restore scripts

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I just posted two scripts from John Kelbley, a technical specialist at Microsoft. They are examples of scripts you can write to perform a warm backup of your virtual machines and restore them to a different instance of Virtual Server. You'll find them in the new Scripts category (
  • For the "MoveWarmUNC.VBS" - I'm writing this note to you off of the top of my head, so if I miss something don't get too upset if you need to get this stuff working.

    I just rebuilt a version of demo based on this script after a hardware failure (I was using junk from my basement) and it took me a couple of hours, including the following:

    1) Install of Windows Server 2003 AD in 2003 Native Mode (required for constrained delegation)

    2 Virtual Server host systems (using Windows Server 2003 NO SERVICE PACK) in the same processor family (PIII boxes - an Evo N800c and an old BX440-based desktop)

    2) One box setup as a "file server" - host for the VPCs shared out Installed VS for "Constrained Delegation" (watch this on the install of VS!!!)

    3) Configured Constrained Delegation (as per the admin guide)

    4) Changed default AND search path for both VS system to use the UNC I shared out on the file server

    5) Added the VMs to the "remote" host (not the file server) to create config files that used the UNC paths

    6) Copied the script to the desktop of each box, renamed it to "Move VMs to <other system name>.vbs and changed the script to use the remote system name (line 9)

    7) Ran it all and it worked!

    If you use SP1-based systems, you may need to money with COM / DCOM security. Also if you use systems in a different processor family (like an Evo N800c and a newer Evo with a mobile processor or an AMD) the VMs will not resume properly.

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