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  • Blog Post: Deployment Alternatives to TrimTransfer in MED-V

    The TrimTransfer process in MED-V requires an initial host index process to run on the MED-V client in order to build a host index. This index is what is compared to the *.CKM.INDEX file that is included with the Packed Image that is uploaded to the MED-V Server. For more detailed information on TrimTransfer...
  • Blog Post: Why did TrimTransfer go away in MED-V v2?

    TrimTransfer, as well as revertible workspaces will not be available in version 2 of MED-V. With a host being Windows 7 and a Workspace being Windows XP, there is not much use for it. As you read more about the new features of MED-V v2, you will also learn that the concept of a MED-V Policy and Image...