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  • Blog Post: Recommended Anti-Virus exclusions for MED-V client/workspace installations

    The following article lists the A/V (Anti-Virus) exclusion maskings for files used by MED-V. In order to prevent antivirus activity from affecting the performance of the virtual desktop, it is recommended to exclude the following Virtual Machine file types from any antivirus or backup processing running...
  • Blog Post: How to configure an Image Repository using IIS

    The following post describes how to configure an image repository using IIS. An image repository is an optional server that is used for image distribution (where administrators upload new images and client computers check the server every 15 minutes and update their image if a new one is available...
  • Blog Post: MED-V: Tips on modifying the ClientSettings.XML file

    With Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) , there may be situations where the ClientSettings.XML file may need to be modified directly to adjust features and timeout values that are not available through the standard interface for modifying workspace policies. These values, including configuration...