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    June, 2012

    • The questions to ask yourself before buying IT

      Guest post by Dave Rogers, Services Director at Microsoft partner, Ultima Business Solutions. Many organisations I talk to these days complain that their IT infrastructure is slowing them down, yet too expensive to replace. More often than not it’s because they’ve: inherited...
    • A story that sums up the benefits of the Cloud

      Sometimes you see a story that just sums up the benefits of an idea you are trying to communicate in a very neat nutshell. This was the case when we saw this story about how the Danish Red Cross is making great use of Office 365. It really brings new meaning to the value of “anywhere access”...
    • Introducing the new Microsoft Business centre

      We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the recently launched Microsoft Business centre – a new, single destination that covers all things relevant to your medium sized business. You’ll find everything you need in there, from solutions built around your business challenges to...