By Keith Barnett, M&E Industry Marketing Manager

Paramount Digital Entertainment announced today the availability of a brand new “School of Rock” app in the Windows Phone Marketplace that lets smartphone owners watch the full movie plus bonus features and experiences not available on other mobile platforms. Using Silverlight technology and built exclusively for Windows Phone 7, Paramount the new applications offer a rich, enhanced movie-going experience with bonus features almost anywhere. More info on the app is available on the Microsoft corporate blog.

 Movie studios and other media and entertainment companies continue to turn to Microsoft to give entertainment junkies new ways to enjoy their content and create new revenue streams. One example of another studio working with Microsoft in a unique way is MGM which has built a full online portal around the highly successful Stargate Universe series.  Powered by Microsoft Silverlight and Photosynth technology people can zoom, pan and inspect the Destiny ship  

Other titles coming include the Ben Stiller vehicle “Zoolander,” the action-packed feature film “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and the documentary “Waiting for Superman”, with more titles to come. News of the new apps follows closely on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that the next version of Silverlight will be available in beta in the first half of 2011, followed by a full release of the next-generation multimedia technology by the end of next year.