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  • Blog Post: User Profile Synchronization Service stuck on "Starting" and "Security Token Service is unavailable"

    The User Profile Synchronization Service gets stuck on "Starting", and I browse the event log and notice the event 8306 "An exception occurred when trying to issue security token...". I checked the Security Token Service status and realized it was "Security Token Service is unavailable" in Health Analyzer...
  • Blog Post: Securing WCF Services with Custom WIF STS: A Step-By-Step guide

    In real SOA implementation, you will be probably exposing many WCF Services that you need to secure. Many blogs are there around STS and WCF, but non of them which guide you through a basic implementation of a custom STS using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) to secure your WCF services. If you are...
  • Blog Post: Caching STS Security Token with an Active Web Client

    A common scenario when using an STS (Being ADFS or Custom STS) is the requirement to cache the security token to be used repeatedly with the requests to WCF services to authenticate the calls. This is usually easy in desktop applications when most people go and cache the entire service proxy object in...