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This blog is created by Microsoft MEA HQ near shoring team, and it aims to share knowledge with the IT community.With its infrastructure and development sides,It brings to you the proven best practices and real world experiences from Subject Matter Experts

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    Making a website highly available requires that it gets deployed on multiple servers so that if one server fails for some reason, the other servers can still serve the website for the users. This setup is usually called a server farm. On IIS 7, each website requires a set of configuration on the webserver...
  • Blog Post: Using Offline Files for IIS 7 Shared Configuration

    In my previous post, we’ve seen how we can configure shared configuration for multiple IIS servers in a farm. We used a shared folder on one of the servers to save the configuration, and pointed the rest of the IIS servers to that folder. The problem with this approach is that, if the server on which...