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This blog is created by Microsoft MEA HQ near shoring team, and it aims to share knowledge with the IT community.With its infrastructure and development sides,It brings to you the proven best practices and real world experiences from Subject Matter Experts

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    In previous parts I’ve explained users’ bulk creation ( Part II ) and bulk modification ( Part III ). In this part let’s talk about more advanced management tasks. Dynamic Distribution Groups: Dynamic Distribution Group (DDG) is special group created based on conditions...
  • Blog Post: Office 365 Arabization – Part V

    In the previous part I’ve explained the Arabic dynamic distribution groups, in this part we will discuss the reporting. Reporting First question you will get after setting up the tenant and create the users will be: I need list of all users with a specific parameter. The main cmdlet here is Export-Csv...
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    Introduction SQL Server has a feature called database mail. This feature allows the database server to send emails to any external entity using SMTP server. The problem happens if you have installed an on-premise SQL server and an online (Office 365) Exchange server in the cloud. How can you use this...