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How to configure SQL Database mail to send emails using Office 365 (Exchange Online): A walkthrough

How to configure SQL Database mail to send emails using Office 365 (Exchange Online): A walkthrough

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SQL Server has a feature called database mail. This feature allows the database server to send emails to any external entity using SMTP server. The problem happens if you have installed an on-premise SQL server and an online (Office 365) Exchange server in the cloud. How can you use this Exchange server in the cloud to send database emails?

This blog post provides a complete walkthrough on how to configure this. This is based on the description provided in the KB article

The Walkthrough

 The steps start with the following.

Step 1: Get the SMTP settings for your Exchange online server

1-      Go to the address to sign up for a trial account for office 365.

2-      After the exchange service is provisioned go to the tenant administration page and click on Outlook

3-      Click on the “clip_image003[4]” icon and then click options

4-      Click on “Settings for POP or IMAP access…”

5-      Take note of the SMTP server settings

In this case the Server settings are noted as it will be used in the next step.

Step 2: Install and configure an On-prem SMTP server

Next you will need to install an SMTP server in your network to relay to the Exchange online. I am using Windows Server 2012 but you can use any SMTP server.

1-      Configure the SMTP server role on your local server.

2-      Open the IIS 6.0 management console. Right click on the SMTP server and open the properties window

3-      Click on the delivery tab

4-      Click “Outbound Security” and enter the login credentials you use for the Exchange online (and office 365) as below
Remember to enable “TLS encryption”

5-      Click “OK” then click “Advanced”. Enter the SMTP server URL you got in the previous step in the Smart host edit box
then click “OK”

6-      Click on “Outgoing connections” and set the port correctly to 587 (or depending on your SMTP settings)

7-      Click “Ok” twice to apply the settings on the SMTP local server.

Step 3: Configure the SQL Mail

1-      Open the SQL management studio and connect to your local server

2-      Expand the “Management node” and then right click the “Database Mail” node and click “Configure Database Mail”

3-      Follow the wizard and the critical part is to configure the access account as per the below screen
Please note that you enter the server to send to as localhost and the email address as the email you have on the office 365 Exchange online for the same account you used to configure the delivery configuration of the local SMTP server.

4-      Once finished the configuration test the email sending and you should now be able to send emails to any external recipient using you Exchange online as the relay.


I have showed you in this post how to have an on premise SQL server connect and use an in the Cloud Exchange server to be able to send SQL database Emails.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this workaround to configure an Office 365 account in SQL Server... in my case, that's the 2012 version.

    This instructions are useful if you use only 1 account in SQL Server 2012, correct? The sender of the email is always the SMTP Office365 account configured in the "Outbound Security" of the SMTP Virtual Server... right?

    The problem (for me) is that I need to configure multiple accounts in SQL Server 2012 and each account, it has a different email sender...

    In the past I have this way but this was not a problem because I had an Exchange server in the same network but now with the upgrade to Office365, I can NOT configure any of the accounts in SQL Server because of the SMTP by TLS, neither one sender address for each account in SQL...

    Can you help me with this one please?

    andre.pereira [at]

    Thanks a lot.

  • Andre,
    You got any response or solution on this. I have exactly the same issue.

  • For anyone who finds this and can't seem to get mail to send: I had to make an allowance for (localhost) in the Relay section of my SMTP server for my server to be able to relay mail successfully (and not allow ALL connections). I also had the check box enabled to allow any authenticated user to be able to send mail.

  • Can anyone tell me the Databasemail settings for mailEnable as i am unable to send emails through mailEnablr but i have sent them through office365

  • Could we use it as the email router for Dynamics CRM?

  • Can you explain why we need an SMTP relay? Why can't we send directly to Exchange online?

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