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This is the blog site for Microsoft Global Delivery Communities focused in sharing the technical knowledge about devices, apps and cloud.

About GD Team Blog


About GD Team Blog

Welcome to Global Delivery Team Blog. This blog is created by Microsoft MEA HQ near shoring team - then it was extended to Global Delivery (GD) Team Blog, and it aims to share the knowledge with the IT community. With its infrastructure and development sides, the GD blog brings to you the proven best practices and real world experiences of highly trained field and regional professionals in one place. The GD team is empowered with many subject matter experts including specialized architects, development and infrastructure consultants and architects. The GD team consists of many specialized architects, and consultants. The geographical distribution spans several countries across the whole Globe.

Please remember that this blog is made for you, so we deeply welcome your suggestions, thoughts and feedbacks. To contact the bloggers please click here.