Real-time event tracing and live troubleshooting demos are the best for every IT enthusiast. Our own Milad Aslaner and Chell Sterioff from the Windows PG are hosting a Live event through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Let´s hear what they have planned for us…

If we step back for a second and think about performance in general everyone will probably agree that the human being like to do tasks in an efficient and fast way. If someone is not as fast as we would expect then we start feeling mad. We start talking with our friends and colleagues about the poor experience we had.

This feeling is also applicable when we look into the performance of computers today. Over the past few years Windows performance has become dramatically better. Particular with the release of Windows 8 and the support of UEFI based computers it helped us, to improve the startup experience by nearly more than 40% compared to Windows 7.

If you are interested to learn how to troubleshoot Windows Performance issues in the enterprise with completely free tools like the Windows Performance Toolkit then this is your chance! Together with Chell Sterioff a Sr Program Manager in Windows Performance Milad Aslaner will be hosting an free and life webcast through Microsoft Virtual Academy on the 23rdof January 2014 between 07:00 AM till 03:00 PM PST.

Session Details:

Date: January 23, 2014

Time: 7:00am–3:00pm PST

What: Fast-paced live virtual session

Cost: Free

Audience: IT-Pros

Prerequisites: Students should have a working knowledge of Windows client fundamentals.

Registration Link:

Windows Performance Jump Start

Learn about the tools used by Microsoft Global Business Support Premier Field Engineers when they need to make a CEO's computer run faster. Want to improve performance for computers that are starting slowly? Need to diagnose and fix problems caused by resource-hogging apps?

Join us for a deep dive on the free Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT), part of the Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK), developed to help you troubleshoot and resolve these issues. Download the toolkit, and get ready to tackle real-world Windows performance issues that can impact organizations of all sizes running Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We'll show you real-time event tracing and live troubleshooting demos, starting with the basics and getting more advanced throughout the day.


Milad Aslaner | Microsoft Premier Field Engineer

clip_image002Milad is a Premier Field Engineer for Windows Reliability in the Microsoft Global Business Support Group. He is committed to improving the IT landscape of Microsoft's most strategic customers by delivering proactive services, such as workshops, chalk & talks, or large-scale analysis. Milad also leads development of training courses, diagnostic tools, and community-driven readiness. He is a frequent speaker at Microsoft conferences, including TechEd, TechNet, Premier Conferences, and regional technology Festivals.


Chell Sterioff | Microsoft Senior Program Manager


Chell Sterioff joined Microsoft in December 2005 and worked on several projects as a feature Program Manager. She currently works in Windows Fundamentals as the Senior Program Manager owner of the Windows Performance Toolkit. She advocates that performance is a fundamental metric representing system responsiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Whether working with internal groups or with external customers, Chell brings knowledge, passion, and a strong customer focus to her Projects.


Content provided by Milad Aslaner & Chell Sterioff , Posted by MEAGBS Editor Aydin Aslaner