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Lync 2010 Command-Line Parameters

Lync 2010 Command-Line Parameters

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You can use command-line parameters to quick-start Microsoft Lync 2010 or when you need to start Lync 2010 from another application.

For example, if a user clicks a phone number in another application, the application can start an instance of Lync 2010 and initiate a call to that number.


Lync 2010 Command-Line Parameters
Extension tel:

Format of Data

tel URI
Example Tel:+14255550101
Action Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

Extension callto:

Format of Data

tel:, sip:, or typeable tel URI
Example Callto:tel:+14255550101
Action Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

Extension sip:

Format of Data

Action Opens the Conversation window with the specified SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the participant list.

Extension Sips:

Format of Data

Action If Lync 2010 is configured to use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, functions exactly like sip:. If TLS is not being used, displays a dialog box informing the user that a higher level of security is required.

Extension conf:

Format of Data

SIP URI of conference to join
Action If URI is self, instantiates the focus and brings up roster-only view. Otherwise, brings up roster view but does not send INVITE.

Extension im:

Format of Data

Example ">">">im:<><>
Action Displays an instant messaging (IM)-only Conversation window with the SIP URI. Accepts multiple SIP URIs specified inside angle brackets (<>) without any separator.

The above command-lines can be used with HTML pages too, use it with Hyperlinks and IE will automatically detect it and opens Lync Client



  • Hi Hosam,

    I have tried this command line - as a hyperlink on my outlook and it only open the conversation window instead of making a call. Is there any possible way to directly make a call to the user when we click the url?


  • Also is there any way to slip in a "Conversation Subject" in that "command line" parameter?

  • man the meaning of Command-Line Parameters sure has changed. I am looking for PROMPT Command-Line parameters, no HTML doc execution statements

  • Hi,
    I am successful in creating the custom menu.
    But my requirement is to launch a polycom video call of a contact. The SIP address of polycom is available in custom attribute of the contact.
    Is this possible.

  • From a prompt, using Cygwin: "/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Lync/communicator.exe

  • Hello Friends, Please suggest me how to send Lync message to others. I want to create a bat script which can send message in any way to my team members.

  • send suggestions on

  • Hi is it possible to append parameters?

    I want to start a conversation with AND the message box should be prefilled with Hi Xy!

    Is there something like:
    Say hi to...


  • How about the Subject of the conversation, the title. How to set that up from external link?

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